Sarnies that Zing: Beetroot, Egg and Mixed Leaves

The usually deep-red roots of beetroot are eat...
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Always looking for new ways to eat the same old thing, I came up with this sandwich on the weekend:

  • boil an egg
  • grate 1/2 a small raw beetroot
  • chop up a handful of mixed leaves.  The veggie box salad mix this week was especially zingy: a mix of rocket, watercress, what looked like a young broccoli shoot – complete with a tiny piece of young broccoli, romaine, young beet root…those are the ones I recognized. 
  • mix all together in a bowl with some mayonnaise and pinch of dry mustard, salt and pepper, and a slice of onion (finely chopped)
Bread (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)
  • slather the mix on a slice of wholewheat bread, stack another slice on top and slather the remaining mix on that, then add a third slice of bread.
  • Cut in quarters and eat.  Yummy and filling.

You can of course use any kind of bread.  You could stuff it into a submarine bun, or pita bread, or roll it up in a wrap – of if you are on a total bread fast, you could have it with rice or pasta as a salad.

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