Maybe I’m Amazed

Crocus Beacon Hill Park - about 2 weeks ago - how time flies!
Crocus Beacon Hill Park – about 2 weeks ago – how time flies!

random blog posts, more ideas coming up for A-Z.

  • Max 300 words, may even push myself down to 150, 
  • things that amaze me, everyday, write max 300 words about something that amazes me
  • 300 positive words a day – would def have to push this one down to 150 – wow, not that it’s that hard to find positive things to write about – but everyday, Monday – Saturday, in April, following the letters of the alphabet.  It’s that letters of the alphabet business that would make that topic tough.  
  • A-Z Victoria
  • A word a day – chosen randomly from the dictionary.  There would at least be plenty of words to choose from, though the random part could make it tricky.   Al over at How to be Liked… writes a wordy blog about words; gives me an idea on how to make the word posts more interesting.
  • Influences – again, the alphabet part would be tricky.
  • Bread – my bread posts are popular.  It’s like the food posts.  People liked the food posts, so I wrote more about food, now people like the bread posts…maybe I should write more about bread.  A-Z bread…..huh.  Whaddya think? Bread is really expensive in Victoria.  $5.00 for a decent loaf. That’s insane, especially when you consider how much wheat Canada grows.  Why do we have to pay so much for decent bread here?  In fact, good quality food in Victoria is insanely expensive.   See! I’m already negative!  273 words – would def have to keep positive posts under 200 for sure!
  • Also because I’m taking this web design course at Camosun, and the whole idea is to sell my services as a content creator, maybe I should write A-Z posts on random topics/businesses/products and make every post ‘pro’?

But wait a minute…I’ve got homework to do!

Help me out here – what do you think would make a good A-Z topic for me this year?  Any ideas?

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  1. Bread is getting to be about that same price here in L.A. Much food is quite expensive anymore. It says in the Bible that in end times a loaf of bread would be worth a day’s wages. Can you imagine working all day for a loaf of bread?

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. I knew there was a reason I’ve been weaning myself off bread 🙂 Have replace a lot of it with slow cooking rolled oats – yup good old fashioned porridge. Have a poached egg on that every morning instead of toast – wow – have lost 9 kilo since I started that in January!

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