A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013

Mosaic Driveway, James Bay, Victoria
Mosaic Driveway, Victoria

Gearing up for what will be my 4th A-Z blogging challenge, I’m scratching my head for a theme.

A-Z Victoria musicians has come to mind.  There are so many musicians in Victoria, and the surrounding area. They come together in jams, open mics, and gigs – some driving from Naniamo, Duncan or Sooke – an hour’s drive at the least. Trombone player – Alf Sleigh – comes over on the ferry, from the mainland, to play a gig on Saturday nights with the Bastion Band at the Ocean Island Hostel.

Here’s a video of the band – no Alf – rather Eugene Dowling on tuba and Stephen Brown on keyboard and vocals and Denny Box on drums.  There’s A and B done, and only one band.  It would be really hard to write something like that.  People I’d want to include would be left out, and I’d have to invent people for weird letters , so…


A-Z geekspeak.  Duh.  A totally selfishly motivated activity to help me better understand geekspeak.  There is plenty out there on the www already, without me adding to it!  I can read it rather than write it.


Snapshots from A Day in the Life – things that caught my eye.  We’d definitely be going for content here, what with my old Nokia phone camera!

Environmental Rally at the Legislature
Environmental Rally at the Legislature, Victoria, March 16th PreElection Rally Ancient Forests Alliance


A word a day…

A poem a day…

How about A-Z haiku – inspired by Aaron Grimshaw...

Grimshaw's Haiku
Grimshaw’s Haiku.  Aaron Grimshaw @grimshock, Victoria musician, artist and game designer has published 300+ haiku of the day


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