Do you love wraps? Wrap up main course and dessert in 2 delicious wraps!

The usually deep-red roots of beetroot are eat...
Beets. Good for your heart and gall bladder. Image via Wikipedia

Here’s a couple wraps I made on the weekend that surprised me. Delicious and simple.  What more could you ask for? A little more protein, me thinks.

I roasted a couple of beets and 2 bulbs of garlic.  That took about an hour and a half. *

  • Remove the papery skin from the garlic and squeeze the garlic onto the wrap.  Spread it round with the peel, and then scatter the peelings over the wrap.  They are a bit chewy, but also very tasty.
  • Peel (if you insist!) and slice the beet and lay that out over the garlic.
  • Add a generous layer of salad leaves (I have a salad pack from my organic grower, a mix of rocket, baby beet, romaine, watercress, etc).
  • Fold over the bottom of the wrap, roll it up and eat it.
മലയാളം: Garlic
Garlic. A natural anti-biotic. Good to fight off viruses in the flu season. In this weather, I eat about a bulb a day. Image via Wikipedia

Seeking more protein, I tried it again the next day, and added mashed tofu, hot red chili, and a drizzle of my best Greek, extra virgin olive oil.  Just as good and more protein!

For dessert, another wrap! This one filled with mashed banana and a drizzle of tahini paste.

Healthy. Only problem is the wraps.  They have sugar and all sorts of chemicals in them.  Must find a whole wheat version with less sugar and chemicals, or learn how to make them myself!

*In this cold weather I try to use the oven for cooking as it heats the kitchen and entrance where there is no radiator! I have two radiators in this flat, 1 in the kitchen and 1 in the bedroom, at opposite ends of the flat.  Oh yes, and a towel warmer in the bathroom. The bedroom is cosy – the living room almost impossible to heat. Big box window, not yet double glazed, and even with a new double radiator in this weather, the cold comes in.  I’ve hung thick, lined velvet drapes which keep the cold out and the heat in,  and laid a rug which fills the room, but I need an underlay!  The rug just isn’t thick enough.  I think there must be no basement in this house, and the floor must be built directly on the dirt! In Canada, I was never cold in my home – even when temperatures plunged to -20C.  The houses in Canada are well insulated, windows double-glazed.  They have to be!  I’ve been cold in every flat I’ve lived in in Europe, except for the first  flat I had in Hungary – which, incidentally, was the cheapest and most luxurious!  It was also the most recently built.  Mind you, this flat is toasty compared to the one I lived in last year.  It had an archaic boiler and drafts coming in everywhere!  This boiler is new, and the inspector told me, extremely efficient.  Maybe I should turn it up a notch, eh?

2 thoughts on “Do you love wraps? Wrap up main course and dessert in 2 delicious wraps!

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  1. Um. On wraps, what are you buying? They sound, er, not good!! Dried or fresh yeast, flour, plus water, makes whatever you want. I used to make piadini a load of the time, I’ll look it up for you. Easy, cheap, and tasty.

    Beetroot sound delicish though.

    Flats are cold. I’m sitting shivering in mine and it is glorious sunshine outside 😦 I blame capitalism for the existence of poor cold people in flats!

    Had some thoughts on a guest post. Will send later 🙂

    1. I welcome a recipe for wraps. Was talking about it with a friend today and she says she is giving them up, she thinks she’s gaining weight due to the wheat. The sad reality is, it’s the sugar! I notice that when I eat them: they are sweet! I love their simplicity for a meal. Yes, please think on that guest post! and re: cold flats and capitalism: don’t get me started!

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