The Housing Project 101: A Creative Response to a Systemic Invasion

Watching INVASION on the big screen really opens up the magnificence of the Unist'ot'en Territory and what is being protected.  The invasion of their home by multi-national big business resonates with the invasion of the residential property market, and our rented homes, by people seeking a financial investment. Homes are no longer built to home people and help... Continue Reading →

Raisin-Nut Bread – Bread Machine Update

I promised an update on my bread machine baking experience as written about here, and recently blogger Jennifer Morgan from Military Zero Waste tweeted the post, so figure I'd best stick to my promise! Bread Machine Baking: via @am_mazed — Jennifer Morgan (@military0waste) February 15, 2013 There have been many successes and a few failures... Continue Reading →

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick: The Acadian Forest

 Canada's Maritime provinces, also known as The Atlantic Provinces, are quite distinct from the rest of Canada, and Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are distinct from one another.  And something both provinces have in common - besides the Atlantic Ocean and Acadian Forest -  is farmers working the land, fisherman working the sea, and lumber... Continue Reading →

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