Junk Food

Do you eat junk food?  What’s your favorite junk food?

Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margh...
Image via Wikipedia, (Not REAL Junk Food IMO)

Pizza is probably my greatest junk food weakness.  Though I never order out, rather I make it from scratch or buy a prepared tomato and cheese, thin-crust pizza and load it up with fresh garlic,  spinach and mushrooms in an attempt to make it real food.

I haven’t made a pizza from scratch in a long while,  Co-operative Foods do such a great ready-made, thin-crust pizza it seems unnecessary to slave over making my own pizza crust – though when I did make them, I used whole wheat flour.  But you just can’t get the same texture with whole wheat as you can with the super-fine flour they use to make a proper pizza crust.

Depending on how hungry I am and what’s in the fridge, here are some of the things I like to pile on my pizzas:

  • fresh mushrooms
  • green olives
  • fresh tomato
  • onion
  • garlic
  • anchovies (I know! not veggie…)
  • sardines (yes, another fish!)
  • hot green or red peppers
  • spinach
  • rocket (arugula)
  • one egg (cracked and laid to cook, sunny side up – in the centre of the pizza! Good with garlic and spinach, put it on last or it won’t cook!)

What’s your favorite junk food?  Do you consider pizza junk food?

I confess, I did a junk food binge this week, and no pizza! Instead it was organic carrot cake (amazing), Gu chocolate dessert, and a package of Kinder chocolate….oh well, there’s always next week! 

4 thoughts on “Junk Food

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  1. You and I could really get along with pizza. My favorite is anchovies, onions, and hot peppers (jalapenos usually). I rarely find anyone else who share my taste so I settle for pepperoni most of the time. I like your toppings!

    Tossing It Out

  2. Well, so that’s mushroom pie and pizza we’re on for! Until then, you can always ask them to put pepperoni on one half. In my meat eating days I was never big on pepperoni, then I had pepperoni on pizza in Italy and realized it was a completely different thing. Pizza can be healthy! But not everyday! 🙂

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