K food. Kale. Kohlrabi. Kraft. Kellogg’s…

I was visiting friends in Barcelona. As I got up to leave, a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes was produced:

“Would you eat these?”

“I wouldn’t buy them.”

“But would you eat them?”

“Well, if there was nothing else.”

My hosts looked at one another and back at me.

“Do you want them?” they asked me.

“Not really.”

“If you want them you can have them.”

“Thank you, but I don’t really want them.”

“But would you eat them?”

“Like I said, if I was really hungry and there was nothing else. I don’t really like them. And I’m not crazy about Kellogg’s.”

Why? Why would my friends not want a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes? Why did I not want to eat Kellogg’s?

This was before the Michael Phelps incident.

I don’t like their food. It always leaves me feeling hungry and no matter how much of it I eat, I’m still not satisfied!  Besides that….

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  1. Wood shavings! Well, the Psychology Today article says Kellogg wanted a bland cereal. The Kellogg’s Boycott is old news, but the use of RoundUp Ready seed, with all its problems, is growing.

  2. Kelloggs have said they won’t use GM corn, that’s good stuff. I find if you chop up fresh strawberries and bananas on them they make a really nice dish. Although it is always a rather painful experience for me as I sit in bed next to Steve watching him eat a bowl with water for the liquid and knowing that I have given money to a huge multyi natinal corporation.

    1. Hi Louise, Great that you left a comment here! Is Steve lactose intolerant? About Kellogg’s and GM corn: they don’t use it in the EU but they do use it in the States. I still wouldn’t eat their products. When I was a kid I loved Rice Krispies, and as an adult used them to make marshmallow squares. But I really do find their stuff outrageously expensive, empty food. Maybe Special K is more satisfying but I still prefer a bowl of organic rolled oats cooked as porridge.

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