Shape Shift Games


Free Introductory Workshop

Shape Shift Games

Brought to you by

My Big Fat Neck Productions

I released 55 pounds of toxic fat, 2-inches off my neck, and an inflamed brain. It woke me up to the harsh reality of our global obesity epidemic and has inspired me to offer these workshops.

Personal trainers take you to the gym, nutritionists give you meal plans, My Big Fat Neck Productions brings you Shape Shift Games, with Dr. Alison Amazed.
You get professionally facilitated creative improvisation games to explore:

  • body image/self image
  • food and eating
  • FAD diets and other solutions
  • FAT and Obesity
  • Environmental causes of global obesity epidemic

Creatively explore causes of obesity, and possible solutions and give voice to personal stories as revealed through group creative improvisation games rooted in theatre of the oppressed.

You explore your stories of fat and obesity, experience with crash diets, FAD diets, diet plans. Have you been on the weight-loss/weight-gain roller coaster ride? We want to hear about it.

This is not a place for FAT Shaming or FAT Praising, rather it’s a place for FAT Facting and FAT Experiencing. You don’t have to tell us your weight and measurements, and you don’t have to be FAT to participate, but if you are FAT, and want to come along and play, we’re happy you found us.

This is a free introductory evening, where you get 120 minutes of creative improvisation games designed to spark your sensory impulse.

  • Start experiencing the food around you with newly awakened sensory awareness, and get to know how your body responds to it.
  • Start imagining your ideal relationship with food, so you control food rather than food controlling you.
  • Start loving your body as it is, so you can better understand its needs.

All participants must play at 100% *
Please dress in comfortable, yoga type clothes and bring a blanket or mat for floor work.

In November we will continue, every Monday evening, 6:30-9:00 with a view to creating individual and collective “My Body Image” stories.

*On the fourth Monday in November we’ll invite friends and interested people, to come and hear our stories, and have a facilitated discussion. On this evening you are not obliged to share your story with the audience if you prefer not to.

Limited to 16 participants.

  • When: 23 October  
  • Time: 18:30–21:00 pm
  • Where:  Martin Batchelor Gallery,
    712 Cormorant Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1P8

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