Poached Eggs on Kale


Probably the easiest, most delicious whole foods meal going!

Put about 1/2 inch if water in your favorite, 7 inch skillet, toss in some chopped kale, cover and bring to simmer over med-high heat.
When the kale has wilted, reduce heat to low, and add two eggs right on top of the kale, sprinkle with your favorite complimentary herb (I used sage today, other days I might use thyme or rosemary or if I have them, a few capers) cover and cook till how you like ’em!
Serve overy your favorite buttered toast. Today I used dark rye.
I cooked the chopped carrots before adding the kale and put the kale on top, then when I served the eggs – the kale sticks to them and the carrots are left in the pan to serve on the side. 2 cooked veg. One pan to wash. Easy.
Yum yummy!

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