We can’t invite them! They’re vegetarians!

Nut Roast Stuffing Filo Log - a successful and delicious turkey substitute for the vegetarians at your holiday table.
Nut Roast Stuffing Phyllo Log – a delicious turkey substitute for vegetarians that everyone at your holiday table will enjoy.

Are you a carnivore who can’t imagine life without it?  If you are, you definitely aren’t alone.  Do you have a vegetarian among your family and friends who refuses to eat the free-range turkey you bought at incredible expense, and lovingly stuffed and roasted to perfection?    Does all this trouble with vegetarians just make inviting them such a pain you don’t even bother?

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that.  There doesn’t have to a be division between meat-eaters and vegetarians.  We can eat and enjoy the same things.  You can put a vegetarian dish on the table that the turkey-lovers will enjoy – perhaps even more than the meat!    Mind you, there’s no way I’d want to do both a turkey stuffing AND the Nut Roast Log, and very happy the turkey at our Christmas dinner was prepared by someone else and all I had to do was make the vegetarian log and prepare a few side-dishes of veg.

The Nut Roast Log pictured above was delicious. It’s my recipe.  I invented it Christmas Eve – took 5 hours of chopping, slicing, mixing, grating, cooking, grinding, toasting, mixing, tasting, sharing, tasting, talking, thinking and intuiting – with a couple of 15 – 30 minute breaks mixed in with washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen (3 times) to create the loaf pictured above.  Read the recipe here: Ultimate Christmas Stuffing.

It was amazing and definitely was a “May I have seconds please” – coming from the turkey eaters – item on the table.

And cold the next day?  Know I am eating an exotic stuffing wrapped in phyllo pastry stuffed with smoked gouda.    Jealous yet?  No turkey here.

The camembert round – baked in phyllo – was also a big hit at Christmas breakfast.

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  1. It looks delicious Alison, and well done on getting approval from the non-veggies round the table. I might think about an adaptation around that myself (ie less cheese, keep the nuts, and maybe spinach – sort of Alison meets spanokopita combination).

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