Announcement: Y Food = Your food = Guest Post

Just a quick note to let you know that tomorrow Jennifer Ward Pelar will be posting about the letter Y for A-Z Food.

Jennifer has 3 blogs:

Cook Me a Story is a blog about her culinary adventures. She and writer Michelle Johnson cook together once a week and write about the experience!

Military Zero Waste is about the environment and how she and her enlisted husband are working to reduce their footprint.

a slow cooker Oval Crock Pot

Image via Wikipedia

GI Crockpot is recipes for slow cookers.  Jennifer even bakes carrot cake in her crock pot!

What I really like about Jennifer’s blogs is her straight ahead, tell-it-like-it-is style.  If a recipe flops she tells you, complete with pictures! Likewise, if it’s a success.  The food blogs are her cooking journal, the Zero Waste blog her eco-journal.  It shares one military family’s efforts to make less of an impact on the environment.

The blogs put a personal face on that big machine we call ‘the military’.  They make me step out of my anti-war war stance and say wait a minute Alison, there’s more to the military than guns.  Besides, I had lots of friends when I was growing up who were military brats.  They shared the transient lifestyle my family had adopted as a church family. Jen reminds me of those friends.

Jen is one of the most dedicated readers of (there are a few others who read almost every post!)  and when she first started commenting on my posts I could barely keep up with her.  When I started writing about food I never expected such an enthusiastic response.

Look for a post about her food tomorrow, Y=Your Food.  Comments most welcome. Afterall, this series has been about food and as Emily told us in X-Rated Epicurean Delights “…everyone has their own individual appetites.”

Life is an amazing journey.

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6 comments on “Announcement: Y Food = Your food = Guest Post
  1. gil says:

    I’m a British Army brat myself, so I’ll be looking for her post!

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  4. I do appreciate that! 🙂
    I’m just now reading this. Things have been so busy with the move prep. That was really kind to give my blogs a plug! I’d love for you to guest post for me. You could write about anything environmental in any country. You have a wealth of knowlegde and experience. I know you could teach me and my readers a lot about what you’ve learned along the way. Just let me get settled. The next couple weeks are going to be C-c—razy.
    But I’ll be back to haunt you and get you to write for me in August….if you’d be so kind!

    • alisonamazed says:

      Will do. I have another guest blog invitation I have to follow up on. Good luck with the move and I’ll look forward to reading your posts and hearing from you when your settled.

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