Link to Safehouse Performance

Here’s a link to the May 4th, 2011 Safehouse.  You can hear my experimental vocal improvisation in tracks 1 and 4.

You have to join the site to listen to the tracks.  Sorry.  But I don’t have a copy of the recording myself to upload to an easier sharing platform.

9 thoughts on “Link to Safehouse Performance

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  1. I’ll pull those up. I want to hear you! I can’t wait.
    If you still want me to do a post, I can have it to you by Wednesday. I have to make a pie for the going-away tap-dancing party. I tried to email you but I dont know if you got it. Just let me know. I have to make it anyway. I can take pictures and do a fun, little write up and send it to you on Wednesday morning.

    1. Hi Jennifer, It would be great to have a post for tomorrow. Thank you very much. Great that you want to hear the tracks from the Coach House. They are very good, in particular the first one. I’ve also just posted a track on alisonboston which is the first 3 min or so of the gig I did with Zaa+T. I did answer your email but forgot to hit send! Was so tired, must have fallen asleep! Alison

  2. Tried listening but I can’t get the site to work. It’s so complicated. I’ll wait until you can post something on here another time. But I’d really like to hear you sing the blues.

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