One of the oldest leafy vegetables eaten by humans…think I captured that ancient quality in the audio track?

Water cress
Delicate hollow stems
Crisp money leaves…

Bite it, it bites back
Heats the tongue
Fires-up taste buds

Flavor sharp as a hot knife
like its cousin, mustard




water cress

tangy tangled fairy hair

ancient leafy vegetable

good for us!

8 thoughts on “Watercress

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  1. I love watercress and will hear this now every time I eat it. I have found though, that if I eat too much at one sitting my stomach aches! A sign to me not to be so greedy, perhaps!
    I like the idea of an A-Z of food and will look back at your earlier offerings.
    I found the April A-Z challenge most interesting and will definitely attempt it again next year.

    1. Hey, that’s great that you expect the audio track to be that memorable for you! My mother wrote: “About Watercress – I understand.” THanks for stopping by, listening and commenting. I’m looking forwrd to more reading at your blog.

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