X Food – Guest blogger for a special treat!

High Rocks nr. Royal Tunbridge Wells
Image by Simon D. Gardner via Flickr

X Food – XXX – what foods begin with X? Nothing I’ve ever heard of, unless it’s Chirimoya written in Catalan – Xirimoia!  …and Chirimoya are in the Locavores post.

Then it struck me – X-Rated Food! Aphrodisiacs. But foods don’t really work as aphrodisiacs, do they? That’s what swimming and athletics are for, right?

So I decided to ask Brighton-based writer Emily Dubberley if she’d like to write a guest post on X-Rated food.  Emily holds a degree in Social Psychology with a specialization in sexuality; founded women’s sex site Clitorati, and has written/edited 19 books on sex and sexuality. Look for her take on X-Rated food on Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.

Although she’s made a name for herself as a sex-pert Emily is also active as an event organizer and copywriter and these days she’s incredibly busy organizing The Forest of Thought stage at the upcoming Playgroup Festival (Aug. 5, 6, 7) in Tunbridge Wells, where I’ll be doing performance poetry on Saturday night and on Sunday evening speaking about my father, The Reverend Henry Boston, anti-prohibitionist.

The Pantiles, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Image by quentinsf via Flickr

…and no, it’s NOT a sex stage and I’m NOT doing talks about sex – though I might read a sexy poem or two on Saturday evening.  I’m also thinking I might read a chapter from my, as yet, unfinished novel, but that’s dangerous.

So, make sure you come back Tuesday to read Emily’s post, meanwhile…..keep reading and commenting. I love to read your comments and visit your blogs.

Anybody got any ideas for Y foods?

3 thoughts on “X Food – Guest blogger for a special treat!

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  1. Ha – of course! I guess I was really tired when I wrote that post! Do you want to write a guest post Lee? on a Y food? I don’t expect you to say yes as I know how busy you are with your own blog and all the commitments you’ve made there, but I’ll bet you could write a great Y food post. I was thinking Y Food – Y is for Your food. 🙂

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