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Thought this would be easy, so even though I don’t usually join in the topic of the day, decided to cruise all my posts and choose the top 3, and I chose 6, so I have to eliminate…

1. Q is for Quiet Because I slaved over it and I like the final result.

2. Recipes from an Empty Fridge: Spinach Lasagne  Because I really like the story I wrote to intro the recipe.

3. C is for C*nt Because it caused so much controversy, yet created an opportunity with Happy Cell when I approached them about using their venue for voice and drama classes.

They set an appointment to meet me, I gave them the blog address, and just as I was leaving home to go to the appointment they rang to tell me they’d looked at my blog and didn’t think I was suitable to run a weekly class out of their venue! I asked why, and they said:

” Well a couple of your posts are not something we think our clients would want to be associated with.”

So I asked which ones, and immediately C is for C*nt was mentioned – but NOT ‘the C word’! I exclaimed:

“C is for CUNT!? You mean to tell me you are not interested in encouraging women to reclaim the slang word for vagina and cultivate a positive use of the word? Have you even read the post?”

To make a long story short, I suggested they read the blog and re-think their decision. I’ve never heard back from them!

YET….Blog Reading Opportunity+ Lurks Within Refusal:

Keep An Open Mind!

During the conversation – which was 30+ minutes – she did tell me if I wanted to rent the venue for a one-off weekend workshop, or even just for a weekend evening to sit and read my blog to an audience I could do that, but no, not to use their venue for a weekly class.  Hmmm…

I wonder if perhaps I should take her up on the offer to do a blog reading. I would enjoy it!

Would anybody come do you think?  How much could I ask on the door? Which blog posts would be best to read?  Should I get other bloggers and poets to join me?  Like my friends Annie, Lou Ice, SilverCat Punk Girl, and Bernadette Cremin? (Find links in blogroll.) Or should I keep it strictly bloggers? Lou Ice and Annie both post regularly, and Annie’s blog is BE-OO-TEE-FUL!!!  It would make for great visuals! 

Most searched…not sure if there’s a stat for that; this post is searched and viewed it seems everyday:

I is for Identity

Image via Wikipedia

Then there are the poems, especially the sea front poems, posted earlier in the year. A different thing altogether…

Sunset Starlings Dance at Dusk

A Saturday Seafront

River of Stones

swearing in cartoon
Image via Wikipedia

Patchy Internet=Patchy Posting  I’ve just moved home and won’t have new internet till May 12th so my connection will be patchy or not at all so I will be probably be absent from Post-A-Day until then! Sorry too much other internet work to do this evening, so I can’t write a mess of posts and schedule them,though I’ll probably write at home and connect – hopefully – through an open WIFI somewhere!  Though most in my neighbourhood are locked and double bolted!

This was supposed to be quick and I’ve spent almost 2 hours on it!!!! Messing with Zemanta and formatting! Will I ever learn?   Still not happy with the formatting, but it’ll have to do.  So much catch-up work to do, haven’t time to mess around like this – but I ENJOY it!

Tell me what do you think of the blog reading idea?

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  1. Thanks for your kind words about my blog! I feel like I’m missing some info here about this blog reading gig. Maybe it’s in a previous post that I’ve missed? Anyway, I’m curious as to how come you would read a blog to an audience?

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