A-Z Award

Author Elizabeth Mueller  is visiting all the A-Z finishers and giving us this nifty award…she deserves an award for doing that!    Though I am surprised at the number of bloggers who signed up and either didn’t do it or didn’t finish, so I guess I accomplished something by finishing it even if I did cheat by posting YouTube music videos and linking to old posts.

Mind you, I’ve still got the better part of a year to get through with the Post-A-Day!  Even still, I won’t beat myself up for not posting everyday.  The trick – IMHO – is to just keep writing!  A-Z food coming soon, but it will be a weekly post; so that will look after one topic a week, only six more to come up with every week!

2 thoughts on “A-Z Award

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  1. the A-Z award is really cute…i hope she visits me soon 🙂 and the a-z food challenge sounds fun…i’m thinking about it. I will be out of state for all of October and moving in Aug/Sept so I’m not sure it would work out for me.

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