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Blogging Readiness
Image by cambodia4kidsorg via Flickr

While I’ve been sitting here reading other Reflections posts the list has grown, so I thought I’d best get my reflections post written and added to that linky while I still have a chance to be near the top!  I was number one-thousand-one-hundred-and-something on the original A-Z list and by the looks of my stats I suspect not a lot of A-Z’ers actually made it to my blog – and that’s okay because I didn’t make it to many of theirs!   It was really all I could to do most days to write the post – and that could be because I wrote some really long posts that were more like opinion columns than blog posts!  I also made an audio track in response to L, and that was an all-nighter.

I wrote a couple of posts during the A-Z that referred to the process.  About half way through when I got to N, I wrote Need a Break, and  as I look back at the posts that followed, it seems I didn’t really slow down till the week I moved flats.  Then I posted lots of music videos.  I confess, to resorting to YouTube music videos when the writing brain was so completely drained all I needed was a little music to get me going again. Posts where I used music: H, T, W, and X.

I also discuss the A-Z in Y is for You, where I talk a little about the stats and how the challenge has affected that.  When I got to Z, I had to write about  Zemanta – and at the end of that post I also reflect on the A-Z.

I really enjoyed writing the A-Z.  I enjoyed generating a topic and writing in response to a letter of the alphabet.   Unlike the blogger depicted in the cambodia4kids.org cartoon at the top of this post, I never struggled with whether or not to write about a particular topic.  It was so random, yet there were moments when I thought maybe I was on a spiritual theme, like when I wrote F and G, and I, J, K, and P.  It was when I was in the middle of writing that series of posts that I had a chat with a fellow who challenged me to write an A-Z food.  So I’m planning to do that.  But not this month as I’ve just moved and will be without internet for a couple of weeks.  Anybody care to join me for the A-Z food?  We need to pick a month….like September or October as it relates to harvesting and it will also be a mid-way point.

I’ve got another idea for an A-Z, though I’m not saying too much about that right now, as I want to fully develop the idea.

Blogging for Cats
Image by Vicki's Pics via Flickr

I plan to get round and read more A-Zers over the following year!  Meanwhile, I’m taking a cat nap.

33 thoughts on “A-Z Reflections

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    1. Lisa, Thanks for stopping by, I’ll pay you a visit soon. Though it may not be for a couple of weeks, I’ll have patchy internet till May12th- and right now I’m playing catch up with work not done due to moving home.

  1. Congratulations on completing the A to Z challenge!

    I’m right along there with you with regards to the lengthy posts. That’s just my style and I tried to write shorter posts but many of my posts were long. Randomness played a part in some of my posts but most of the time, I had an idea of what I was going to write about ahead of time…..I just didn’t do it until the day that it had to be up, lol.

    Like you, I think I may have been in the thousand-and-something on the list as well.

  2. Hi there, Congratulations on finishing AND getting your reflections up. I’m just using the reflections posts now as I got tired of finding commercial blogs or ones that didn’t participate. I like the way you’ve presented your reflections, and am going to click follow (If I remember!) and come back and read some of your longer pieces. Hope the shift goes smoothly. Hmm, I wonder if this’ll work in WordPress Sue

  3. I was somewhere in the middle of the list, so a descent amount of new bloggers visited. Many with just a hi and a link to their blogs. I got around as much as I could, but like you just posting a new piece of quality flash fiction was a challenge everyday.

    At least I got to drop by today and say Hi….

    1. Oh yeah, I just realised what you said about being in the middle of the A-Z challenge list – yeah, being at the end didn’t seem to generate much traffic, whereas being at the beginning fo the reflections list has spiked my hits and comments! Pleased to see that!

    1. Hi Baygirl,
      If you want to join me in the A-Z of food that would be great. I’ll be in touch when my internet is up again and we can start organising.

  4. Hi Alison .. congratulations on finishing .. last in, first in the blog hop list – well nearly! That will bring you some more tie ins ..

    Cheers – and enjoy the rest .. Hilary

  5. Great reflections. So glad that you were able to join us for the Challenge of 2011. Hopefully we can do something to address the issues of bloggers who get more neglected if they are at the bottom of the list. We want everyone to have equal chances of getting visited.
    Congratulations for finishing and good luck with your move and life readjustment.

    Don’t forget to pick up your Winner’s Badge at my site.
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks Lee! Winner’s Badge! Wow zebras and cupcakes and winner’s badges! I’m overwhelmed! Thanks for hosting the challenge. It was inspiring to participate. I didn’t enter it thinking I’d get more visits, I entered it for the joy of writing A-Z. And a pleasure it was!

  6. I think I made it to your blog during the challenge, but if I didn’t, I’m sorry. It was overwhelming, to say the least. But awesome as well. Congrats on finishing.

    1. Karen, You did come here during the challenge and I also went to yours! Thanks for coming back! Hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as I did yours.

  7. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I am sorry I did not get to you sooner but better late than never; right?
    I have enjoyed reading through your posts and look forward to catching up with you in the future.
    I hope you settle into your new home nicely:)

  8. Hi, I’m pleased to be reading your blog now…I was so overwhelmed and focussed on finishing the Challenge that I didn’t get to visit many blogs. This Reflection period gives me that chance, so here I am.
    Congrats for finishing the Challenge. I’ll spend some time reading your posts.

    Life on The Farm

    1. Hi Grandpa, Nice that you took time to visit my blog. I read a few of your posts and your A-Z Reflections is a really nice post. Looks a great life you have there.

  9. Wow Tina, that’s a great challenge, considering there were over 1000 participants that’s quite a task. Maybe split the group so you can spend more time on each blog. If 20-25 us got involved we could do one each a week and get finished just in time for next year!

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