A-Z #Gratitude: #Thanks for #Meditation

Mahasati Meditation Basic Rhythmic Movements
Mahasati Meditation Basic Rhythmic Movements. Mahasati Meditation is a form of moving meditation. In Mahasati Meditation the practitioner moves rhythmically with their awareness open to the movement of body and mind. The movements are simple and repetitious, yet Mahasati Meditation is a powerful, deep, and advanced method for self-realization. This technique was discovered by Luangpor Teean, a Thai monk. After Luangpor Teean’ passing, Luangpor Thong–one of his leading disciple– is in charge of disseminating his teacher’s meditation technique.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 14 of the A-Z Blogging Challenge and the letter M.

GuadalupeNOLA15Oct07Thanks (3)

Thanks for Meditation.

What a wonderful opportunity for our minds to do their thing without us interfering. Yes – just sitting and being for a short-time every day gives our mind a chance to do all the filing, and sorting, and processing, it needs to do to stay on the ball. There are many, many schools of meditation – which sets it up as a mysterious, mystical something you have to be taught how to do, when in reality it’s something you just know how to do, like breathing!

Most of us are so busy rushing about our lives, feeling overwhelmed by all the people asking for little pieces of us, or on the flip side, underwhelmed by the seemingly meaninglessness of our existence – that we just don’t have the time or disciplined motivation to meditate, and yet – once you start giving your mind that 20 minutes, twice a day; or 30-40 minutes once a day, your mind responds with brilliant organisation and emotional stability – and the pressure is off!

If you don’t already do it, give your mind and yourself a chance to really be – start meditating and your life will change for the better. Meditation evangelist signing off…gonna go meditate!

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  1. I remember reading ‘If you’re too busy to meditate for 20 minutes a day, then do it for an hour’. Something like that but probably worded better. What a good point. People always think they’re too busy because they create a hectic life. Take the time to slow down, carve out the time for peace, and life slows down. By the way, I love that your theme is Gratitude!!!

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