A-Z #Gratitude: #Thanks for New #Friends

New Friends
New Friends (Photo credit: ChrisM70)

“There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.” Jim Henson

Day 12 of the A-Z Blogging Challenge and the letter N.

GuadalupeNOLA15Oct07Thanks (3)

Thanks for New Friends.

Jim Henson’s quote highlights the beauty of the new friend who feels like your favorite old sweater. The person you feel at home with the moment you meet.  The first encounter sparks a connection like the one that powers up your favorite appliance when you plug it in.

Jim Henson Memorial
Jim Henson Memorial (Photo credit: zhurnaly)

Yes!  You turn each other on!

Your like-minds, or like-souls, connect and create a circuit that helps you be who you truly are.  It equally serves each of you, and wraps you in a blanket of love and acceptance that stays with you even when you’re apart. For it’s the emotional cuddle that comes from time spent with friends that feeds our sense of place and belonging so necessary to fully realize who we are. So thanks for new friends!  I love you!

How about you? Have you got a new-old-friend story to share? Someone who fits so well, you feel you’ve known them forever?

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  1. I love Jim Henson. I was a kid when he died, but I still remember it. My mom was also really sad because she loved the Muppets probably more than I did. We went together to an exhibit at one of the Chicago museums a few years ago, which had a lot of stuff about his early projects. those themes of friendship and accepting those who are different permeated his work. What an inspiration!

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