Victoria and Vancouver Island

Ornamental cherries line the street behind Mom's apartment in Victoria. Beautiful even on a rainy day.

I first visited Victoria in the 1970’s and wanted to live here then, but it wasn’t until 1990 that I returned.  Initially for a month’s holiday to visit my family.  I stayed seven years.  After 15 years away, I’m back again.  What is the pull?

The trees, the air, the slow pace of life, the sheer healthiness of the place – people have a longer lifespan here than anywhere else in Canada.

When I lived here in the 1990’s I was a masters swimmer, a triathlete, a freelance writer, a poet, a theatre producer and actress, a drama teacher, and finally an artisan hat maker.  All were rewarding experiences that enriched my life, and I hope also enriched the lives of others.

I created Carmannah and the Carmannah Faeries when I lived here. Here I am - dressed as Carmannah - telling stories in Mayfair Mall.

I also wrote this poem:

Vancouver Island
lace trees trim the sky
all shades of green
each branch
where tree spirits live
in forests
(somewhat free)
dance, sing
speak to me I listen…
..hear their music
know I am home
here on
Vancouver Island
Thuja plicata, Canada, Vancouver Island, East ...
Thuja plicata, Canada, Vancouver Island,
East coast,
north of Victoria – Tree
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
where frost comes
late November
spreads its glitter
green to white
makes a brilliant sheen
in the early morning light
copyright Alison Boston 1995
BC Ferry "Spirit of Vancouver Island&quot...
When you visit Vancouver Island, do take the ferry. The scenic route through the Gulf Islands is something to be seen.

Life is an amazing journey.

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13 comments on “Victoria and Vancouver Island
  1. ggbella3 says:

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome place.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Almost made it but not quite. Hope to visit Victoria one day.

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  3. A wonderful poem! My favorite parts are the parenthetical line, and the capitalization of Frost!!

  4. I love the poemand the pictures. Do you have Carmannah stored where I can read?

  5. amivglobus says:

    Another beautiful spot in the world that I want to visit.


  6. Marcie says:

    I love cherry trees…and cherries! Stopping by for the A-Z challenge.

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