The United States of America

Seal of Michigan.
Seal of Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I lived in the U.S. for 18 months in the 1990’s.  I was working as an artisan, making and selling hats in craft fairs.  It was an adventure.

While living there, I signed up for a free, weekly micro-enterprise class.  It was paid for by the state, to encourage entrepreneurs and develop the local economy.  It was a great course, taught by great teachers. We learned everything from writing a business mission statement, to market research, developing a business plan, budgeting – the whole shebang.

Deb Martin, Certified Master Coach, Portage Transition Coaching,Michigan, U.S.A. Photo:

One of our instructors was Deb Martin, a woman who I kept in touch with after leaving Michigan and who I’m still in contact with today.  She’s a transition coach and runs a business called Portage Transition Coaching.  She takes people out into the wilderness, and guides them through a series of  exercises to help them get in touch with what they really want in life.

Logo for Portage Transition Coaching with Deb Martin

When I met Deb, she was just starting out as a coach, and asked if I would be a guinea pig for online coaching, so when I left the States, she coached me by email.  Deb also wanted to be a writer and asked me to help her with that. I told her just to write.  She did, and today she writes wonderful little stories about her life which you can read about on her website and newsletter.


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