Vegfest Brighton: My Faves

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3 hours walking around tables piled with tasty bites and literature about all the greatest and latest vegan food crazes leaves one feeling like a stuffed penguin.  I walked home after wards, both my bag and my tummy laden with goodies.

After sampling countless hemp, blue-green algae, raw chocolate and vegan meat-replacement brands I picked some faves, and even though nobody’s paying me (even though I need to get paid just as much, if not more, than the other guys) I’m going to tell you about them.

First up is the Vegusto line.  Producers of cheese and meat alternatives, they make vegan cheese that tastes and chews like cheese, and hot dogs (wieners) that look and smell like a greasy smoky you pick up on an NYC stand.  They also have a pepper steak (schnitzel) that tastes more like sausage than steak, and is absolutely delicious.

Of their cheeses, I vote for the Nu Moo Classic and the Nu Moo Piquant.  Both have a cheesy texture, with the Classic resembling a mild cheddar, and the Piquant a riper cheese.  They say it doesn’t melt, so they have a melty version for vegan mac’n’cheese addicts.

I’ve never been one for imitation meat and cheese, yet I’m so impressed with the Vegusto products they got me on camera raving about them!!

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Second on my list are the Nakd candy bars.  Though candy is hardly the proper label as they are totally…ah, naked.  They’re made from dates, raisins, cashews, cocoa and…orange, mint, berry, cashew, ginger bread, pecan pie, and of course, chocolate…7 different flavors to choose from.  I go for the Cocoa Mint and Cocoa Orange.  These little gems have a mere 7 grams of fat in a 35 gram bar and satisfy that craving for something sweet and chocolatey – and not a drop of evil sugar!  How can you resist? At Vegfest they are selling 2 for a quid, or you can buy 18 bars at a discounted price and get a fancy, drawstring cloth bag to carry them home.  Created by a roving, transplanted Yankee who tells me he likes being an expat.  Not surprising, his candy bars sell like popcorn at the cinema.

Last but not least, vino from Hastings, of all places.  Hastings, you say.  Well, 6 miles north of Hastings.  Biodynamic Organic English wines from Sedlescombe(You didn’t really think the town known for its fisherman and fish’n’chips also had a vineyard, did you?)  The First Release is a smooth, dry, white wine.  They also make a bubbly, and a fruit line.  You can even take a tour of their vineyards.  Self-guided tours are £5.50 per person.

It never ceases to amaze me the things that are sold for cash.   A bottle of wine, yes.  But a walk through the vineyard?  Am I just old fashioned? Or completely out of touch with capitalist values?  The wine’s good and they tell me you don’t have to pay to visit the shop, only for what you carry out the door! They did give me some 2-for-1 entry passes.  I’ll give them away on Twitter.  If you want one, follow me on Twitter @Am_Mazed and retweet this post 🙂 Here’s the shortlink:

Brighton Vegfest continues today with more talks, films, cooking demos and, yes, tasters!

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