Pizza Bread (Notes)

Reading today’s post Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms on Pizza Bread  I see 1/3 cup of flour, which is a total guesstimate.  When I make this bread, I don’t measure.  I just toss some flour in a bowl, toss in what looks like a good amount of yeast, etc. and add warm water till it all sticks together.  That may well be why my pizza bread is imperfect, so if anyone has a good recipe for it, or a link to a good recipe/method, please add it in the comment field.

What I make is tasty – and it works – but I’d like to be able to make a pizza crust like an Italian, stone-baked, thin-crust pizza.  I guess I’d need a stone oven for that.  or would I?  What are the secrets?

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