T is for Time

The sun is still shining, the beach is still calling, so here’s a little journey down memory lane for you.   Two versions of the Rolling Stones, Time is on my Side. 

Tell me, which version do you prefer?

I love the first one.  It’s not only because Mick’s voice sounds better to my eyes, it’s also the energy of the audience, and the freshness of it all.  That was 1964 when the sounds of British musicians were flooding North America.  The Rolling Stones were part of the emerging British Blues scene, and when Mick strutted on stage, the girls in the audience screamed.  Incredible.  You can’t hear the band too well in this video, but it certainly delivers energy.  Gives me goose bumps!

If the embed doesn’t work, here’s a link. 
…and a later version, 17 years later, 1981.  Mick’s voice has matured and deepened, but to my ears it’s lost its sparkle.  Or maybe it’s just the gig.  What about that tacky purple and yellow outfit he’s wearing, eh?  Oh, so 80’s!

So whaddya think?  1964 or 1981? Why?

and a link if the embed goes wonky.

3 thoughts on “T is for Time

Add yours

  1. I definitely prefer the 60s version. For one thing it’s the version I grew up with. It’s peppier — the things you said about it. Finally I can’t stand the way Mick phrases “Time” in the newer version–I find it kind of annoying.

    This has always been one of my favorite songs of the 60s. I used to sing it to my girls when they were little. I’m not sure why, but I just did.

    Hope you join us in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post on Monday May 2nd.

    1. Yes! I think the nicest thing I can say about the 80’s version is that they wrote a great song in the 60’s!!! Lucky girls having Dad sing a Rolling Stones number to them! Will try to get there for the reflections…not sure my internet will be working!

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