U is for Underwear

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When I was growing up my mother insisted I change my underwear everyday.  If I suggested that I could wear the same pair two days in a row because they weren’t dirty, I was told it wasn’t only for hygienic reasons, but also for a ‘what would they think’ reason. “You never know when you might be in accident or something and be taken to emergency?  What if you had dirty underwear on?  What would the nurses think?”

Now that I’m a full-grown adult, old enough to be a grandmother, my mother no longer has the power to check that I change my underwear daily and her ‘what will they think’ mantra has also lost its power.  I do not worry, or care, about what people may think.  This may cause a short-fall in my social stature, but I long ago decided that I was not going to let what others may think dictate my life.  As a result I pretty much do as I please and dress as I please.

I know that the bored stay-at-homers watch the comings and goings of the world through their net curtains, and when I have an overnight guest it does not go unnoticed.  I know that the cliques pay close attention to handbags and footwear, hairstyles and manicures, friends and foes, and I utterly fail in most requirements.  But at least my underwear, and all that that symbolises, is squeaky clean.  Not because I might be in an accident and caught by hospital staff with dirty underwear, rather because I knew that was one ‘What would they think’ Mother Mantra that was used merely to impress upon the child I was the importance of clean underwear!

We are coming to the end of the alphabet, I am in the middle of moving house, and although words such as ubiquitous, unique and united all sprang to mind, I am somewhat preoccupied by the more mundane practicalities of life, such as arranging my undies in the new dressing table given to me by a musician friend!

The people of Brighton are among the most generous I’ve met anywhere.  I’ve been given some really lovely furniture by people I’ve met here. This last gift of a 3-door pine wardrobe that sits atop a platform of small drawers, with a matching vanity dressing table is by far one of the nicest,due to its attractive practicality and perfect fit for my new, unbelievably small flat!

How I’m ever going to fit myself into the tiny space I’m moving into is so mind-boggling I haven’t an ounce of mental energy for anything more profound than underwear!  V, W, X, Y and Z left to go.   I’ve got words for each letter already picked out – but will I have time to write more than the title?

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    1. Yeah, Lee. I’ve been writing a day or two ahead throughout the challenge. The move is almost done. My kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are all moved down there – except the bed. Just moving the files and stuff. It’s really cool to just move downstairs and have a week to do it. So as one flat comes apart and becomes chaotic, the other flat offers the beginning of an organised home!

    1. Thanks Annie! It’s the easiest move I’ve ever done: down one flight of stairs, and both flats for a week. Getting to the keys was the toughest part, then figuring out how to make it work! See you soon.

    1. Thanks June! Yes indeed – I have had amazing help. To think those two fellows washed all those windows for me! and the women did all that cleaning and moving!

  1. As this post came up in my stats as having been read today, I came back to read it and got to thinking that as a writer I missed the point. It seems I put the emphasis on not allowing what others think to shape my appearance etc., and I come off a little reckless, whereas the better message to communicate is that wearing clean underwear is more a reflection of self image and self care, than ‘what will others think’, and that the change-your-underwear-daily message that I got from my mother gave me a solid foundation in self care and looking after my appearance. Clear as mud now? Maybe I should rewrite the post. Arghh.

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