Recipes from an Empty Fridge: Seeded Molasses Cake

So, I’m having a lazy day – having gone full tilt for a week with poetry events and projects – so NO, am not going to Hammer and Tongue tonight to sacrifice my artistic integrity to the whims of people seeking entertainment.  I do not feel like being entertaining!   I’m having a day ‘in’ and have been enjoying the day lying in bed, luxuriating in the sunshine streaming through the bay window!

There is nothing much to eat in the cupboards or fridge, having eaten mostly everything during my recent artistic outpouring and going to the shops to buy only the bare necessities – like cow’s milk for tea, carrots, oranges, apples and ginger for juice, a loaf of organic whole wheat bread and some eggs.  It’s all one really needs: tea and juice, with the odd egg and toast thrown in for protein and additional fuel.  Oh yes and some mushrooms – love ’em raw, sautéed, roasted – just like the garlic – roasted whole in the bulb, along with sweet potatoes in their skins.  When they’re cooked, split the potatoes  and squeeze the garlic into the split…..salt, pepper, a little olive oil (or butter) yummy yum yum, good food in my tum.

Well, I got a craving for something today, but was unable to pin point exactly the craving – it tasted like oatmeal cookies, so I got out of bed to bake oatmeal cookies.  Two ingredients into the process and I had to improvise.  This is what I made (please note measuring utensils, it was that kind of day!):

Seeded Molasses Cake


1 teacup whole wheat flour

1/2 teacup white sugar off to a good start, eh! 1/2 as much sugar as flour – and all I have is white for my friends who have to have white sugar in their tea! Now you know why I have rolls of fat even though I do the juice thing.  Mind you I don’t sugar binge often – really – can’t remember the last sugar binge

1/4 teacup rolled oats yup, this was where I had to start improvising, oh no, NO ROLLED OATS, and I already mixed the other ingredients together – oh drats, what am I going to do?  Replace the missing oats with…..

3/4 teacup mixed seeds

2 teaspoons baking powder

pinch salt

several pinches of garam masala

3 dessert spoons black strap molasses mixed with equal parts boiling water and sunflower oil

1 egg


Preheat oven to 175 Celsius

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Beat the egg and mix it together with the molasses, water and oil and add to dry ingredients.

Mix it all together then press it into an oiled cake pan and bake for 20-30 minutes or till done (toothpick comes out clean).  Eat the whole thing immediately – if you can, I wasn’t able to – and fantasize about having cream cheese icing, or clotted cream to slather all over it!

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