Could Have Been a Banker02 – Now on Vimeo

Stayed up all night making this!  What can I say? That’s artistic obsession for you.   I’m writing this post while I’m waiting for it to process on Vimeo.

So this video is made using some digital images I had kicking around my hard drive.  It’s the second video I’ve ever made to go with a spoken word poetry track.  The first one was Aquavision made 23 years ago at Saw Video in Ottawa, with the benefit of a Canada Council Explorations Grant.  Long time between videos, eh?   Well -that’s the life of an artist who has to work for living!

Though speaking realistically – it’s as much about having access to the technology as having the time. I made this video on my MacBook with iFilm. My MacBook is 5 years old.  Have to keep taking stuff off it – what I really o do is just buy one of those new T drives – though I can’t keep up with all the stuff I have stored on my hard drive and various USB sticks – I hardly need more memory for files I never look at.

One advantage of keeping the memory low is it forces me to periodically go through my files – to see what I can junk, which invariably leads me to finding creative projects started and not finished, which inspires me to either make more art or do something with the unfinished work – which is what I’ve done with the video.  I made most of the images 5-6 years ago when I was living in Budapest.

Well Vimeo has finally got the video ready to view…just waiting for it to start and I’ll pop the link on here.  Let me know what you think!

Watch: I Could Have Been a Banker02 on Vimeo.



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  1. Hey Louise
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and checking out the Vimeo video. I’m glad it works for you. I wasn’t sure about the images – wondered if they may be too surrealistic. See you on the 16th.

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