Sea Fairy Dance

by Alison Boston


Twas a busy day
caught this glittering moment
on my way…

…the sea was
perfectly calm
under a clearing blue sky
the last tufts of cloud
floating away

…and as the tide rolls in
draws nearer the shore
every 7th wave is big enough
to slap against the groynes
releasing sea-spray fairies
who do a brief dance
then tumble back to the swim.
Images from Fire Serpent Cards:Free ECards

Read Book Online:The Sea Fairies
Author: L. Frank Baum

Life is an amazing journey.

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One comment on “Sea Fairy Dance
  1. […] a measuring stick of how high or low the tide is by how much groyne is visible. They also offer a never-ending series of absolutely unique moments, like this one, caught yesterday while sunning myself pre-swim.  I must remember to always carry […]

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