What’s so Amazing? 101

I suppose I should say something amazing. Or at least something I think is amazing, so you have an idea of what I mean when I say life is amazing. Or maybe you agree with me and don’t need convincing?

Here are some examples (in brief):

I was walking along the seafront today and bumped into two friends I hadn’t seen in ages. We got teas and sat on the beach and chatted beneath a brilliant blue sky next to an equally brilliant blue sea. That was pretty amazing.

Walking home later this afternoon on the same seafront, the sun slipping into the sea, leaving the sky glowing pink, dotted with clouds on the horizon – clouds gone black before the sky turned black: black curly, wavy shapes on a midnight blue sky. The sea gradually changing colour – glowing through a full painter’s palette, and as the sky darkened, the surface of the sea glistening silvery burnished aluminum. That was pretty amazing. (Even if the descriptive passage needs re-writing!)

Strolling through the lanes, hearing blues slide guitar. Stopping to chat with the player – the same one who plays sitar, different hat for different music. His guitar beaten up but still delivering quality slide. That was pretty amazing.

…then there’s all the idiotic things politicians do and say and it never ceases to amaze me that such imbeciles could actually be elected. For example Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy supporting DNA testing of all males in Bristol to help identify Joanna Yeats killer. Ms McCarthy clearly needs to give that some recommendation some serious thought.

…and when I am reminded that we have elected these types to run our country, I am so grateful for the amazing beauty of the planet.

And please George Monbiot, don’t write and tell me that that beauty will vanish if I don’t do something about global warming TODAY! I really do need a day just to luxuriate in the amazing beauty of the sun rising and setting.

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