The Mystery of the Missing Blog, post 1

I used to have a blog/website – powered by wordpress, hosted by another isp. The blog disappeared when the isp was sold and there was some confusion about my account. I lost three years of blogging, plus all the static pages I had built as documentation of my life as an artist. Pages and pages and pages.

The domain name is now owned by an anonymous person hiding behind the cloak and daggers that are possible on the web (though I’m sure someone more techy than I could easily find out who) and the website is full of Japanese advertising and there is not a trace of my former blog/website.

I set the website up when I was living in Hungary and the blog section was pretty much devoted to Hungarian culture. I had a triple life in Hungary: language teacher, cultural journalist, and artist.

I wrote three stories a week on cultural events and/or people for the Budapest Times, and as a spin-off to that had free tickets to loads of things. Add to that my own artistic activities and a penchant for the unusual, and I had a great time hanging out in the local scene, which I wrote about on my blog.

All gone now. Though I may find some files on my computer. Was sorting files the other day and found a folder that holds promise.

Lots has happened since Hungary and indeed since my blog/website vanished, and I am now living in Brighton, U.K. So last night I went to the Catalyst Club, a Brighton event. Read about it here

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