A-Z #Gratitude: #Thanks for #Birdsong

New Orleans: Thank you message in the grotto o...
New Orleans: Thank you message in the grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church; added by those for whom prayer or miracles were granted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rufous Whistler
Rufous Whistler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 2 of the A-Z Blogging Challenge and the letter B

I give thanks for Birdsong

There’s nothing quite like it. Here are a couple of birdsong recordings. The first from Hackney Podcast in England. If you like it, you can download for free! Thanks Hackney Podcast!
The second comes from Listening Earth – a duo based in Victoria, Australia. Checkout their Soundcloud page. They have amazing forest sounds. Sometimes they give away a free download. Thanks Listening Earth! Thanks creation for the music of birdsong!

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    1. Great to have to stop by Arlee – I almost dropped out before we started then your team sent out an email asking us all to say thank you to you, and A-Z gratitude popped into my head and I decided to run with it.

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