Brighton: Wind and Waves in Little London by the Sea

Brighton beach October 2002

There’s no doubt the seafront is Brighton’s greatest asset.  In the 2 and a 1/2 years I’ve lived here, I’ve been fortunate enough to always live within a few minutes walk, and really enjoy it.  It’s inspired some surprising poems.

There’s even a cycle path that goes along the sea from one side of town to the other: to Rottingdean and beyond in one direction, Shoreham and Worthing, the other.

I cycle on that path almost everyday,  in all kinds of weather, even when there’s a wretched wind.  Different weather creates different waves.  Each type of wave has its own unique shape and sound. Close contact with nature tells me I’m alive.

Typical Brighton seafront event; a display of ...Many say the strong winds make the seafront inhospitable, and prefer a walk on the downs; or that the city’s vibrant nightlife, popular with stag and hen parties, is what makes Brighton a winner.  Geeks might say it’s the thriving digital community, with some sort of free meet-up almost every night of the week, where you can get together with others who share your passion for WordPress, UX, Drupal, Java, mobile – whatever – and talk about the latest tricks.  Brighton has something for every taste and personality.

To Brighton station. . . .

Shoppers and foodies favor the Lanes, where you can find almost anything you want, and will recommend a visit to the alternative North Lanes, which is also home to a thriving outdoor market at the weekend.

Kemptown is known for its gay community that hosts an annual parade.  London Road is shabby chic, and home to the Cowley Club,  where you can eat cheap vegan meals and meet anarchists fighting for just about every left-wing cause going.

Book worms, poets and writers enjoy the literary scene, with some sort of reading almost every night of the week (albeit with charged admission, even for the poets who share their poems!)

Same goes for musicians: endless open mics where singer song writers can show off their latest (and oldest) numbers; jazz aficionados and wanna bees are satisfied with a variety of jazz jams (usually free entry), or can choose a free pub gig or ticketed concert.   There’s even a monthly experimental jam (Safehouse) where I enjoy singing.

Artists and actors take centre stage in the spring with the Brighton Festival, Artist Open Houses and The Fringe.

Even with all of that – it’s the sea that captivates me, day in and day out.  The water reflects the sky, taking on a range of colors that change according to temperature and blueness or greyness of day.

The warm April of 2007 packs Brighton beach

The warm April of 2007 packs Brighton beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On a calm, sunny day the sea is an iridescent sky blue, on a cloudy day it can be ash-green, blue-grey, cobalt, black, marine blue, sea green, olive – to name a few.  And when the sun sets, nature’s paint box splashes her palate across the sky, tossing the left overs onto the sea.  It’s mystical and inspiring.  It sings to me and whispers poems in my ears. It is why I’m here.

Life is an amazing journey.

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11 comments on “Brighton: Wind and Waves in Little London by the Sea
  1. Millie says:

    Wow that’s so awesome you lived there, I lived there too for a short time, it’s such a gorgeous place to visit and even live. I have so many great memories, we also lived walking distance from the beaches, loved the bike paths, that was so cool. I never got to ride a bike on the path along the sea front, but one day I want to return and do just that 🙂 Thanks for the visit.

  2. iwasawriter says:

    You paint a beautiful picture of a beautiful place! I hope I get to see it one day.

  3. KjM says:

    I never got to Brighton in all the time I worked in England. What you’ve written here makes me sad I missed it.

    Thanks for the pocket tour – and for stopping by my blog.

    • alisonamazed says:

      Ah, where did you live in England? Though I must say your comment speaks volumes about life in England: a tiny country, with a network of roads and railways, yet find the time and money to use them!

  4. Been to Brighton last year. The place sure is charming!! I want to go back!

    • alisonamazed says:

      Well the spring is a hopping time with the festivals and the summer will be very busy with the Olympics and the torch…big Coca Cola event! local artists have been invited to put on events (for free) in neighboring parks, so there will so much to do your head will spin!

  5. […] night here.  How much have I loved life in Little London by the Sea?  I wrote some about that in the post about Brighton.  Though the seafront poems tell the story better than anything else.  Here are a couple […]

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