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March Hare Cross Over at the Coach House

Sara Jane Glendinning is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who comes out to the SafeHouse Experimental sessions.  She owns a Coach House where she hosts holistic, eco events.  It’s also a great venue for concerts: very cosy with pin-dropping acoustics.  This weekend she’s hosting the March Hare Cross Over.  About 15 acts, making for a total of 30-40 musicians will be playing.  Each act will improvise with the preceding and following acts, making for constant music.  I’ll be performing this evening.  Here’s the poster: The Coach House also offers Bee Keeping workshops and Flamenco classes.  Do visit the website and have a snoop round.  Sara Jane has posted some great recipes, including one for Marmalade.

Click here to read what’s happening At the Coach House

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