Crowd Share Sunday: A Friendly Day

Enjoyed my day at Crowd Share Sunday.  Set up my BioDiversiTree branches in the Diversity Art Room!  Saw lots of folk from Out of the Ordinary Festival, folk I’d met at Meadowlands Fest – and not seen since – and even someone from BarCamp Brighton! (Wish the pics had come out better!)

Shared space with Richard from Ireland, and his fantastic musical guitar installation which played a pleasant piece of ambient music when someone touched it!

Richard also the saved the day when I was unable to get the branches to stand in the tree stump! Odd how men are good at that, while I just can’t get them to stand up by myself!
I struggled and struggled and kept saying:”How did my friend do it when I got home from the OOTO?”
Finally I asked Richard to help, and just like my friend, he looked at the stump and placed the branches firmly in position! I guess my friend will have to come over to stand them up for me when I bring them back from Brighton Youth Centre!

We were joined by lovely Lou from the Netherlands, who’d also helped me at OOTO!

At Crowd Share Lou painted faces, and also helped make the sign for BioDiversiTree.

And we did another community poem! Not bad for a short 3 hour set-up. will post that when I pick up my gear from the centre. Stay tuned.

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