Check out my new audio track! Utopia

I made an audio track in response to Fabrica Gallery’s call for 1 minute manifestos on Utopia for White Night.  To listen to it, click here: Utopia.

In case you’re wondering why there haven’t been any audio tracks lately it’s because I desperately need to upgrade my system and as it is now it’s very frustrating to work with.  I’m annoyed that Apple has designed a product that requires buying an upgrade to keep something working and think that’s just about the lowest of the low.  It seems technology is all about that.  The software should continue to function without problems without me having to spend money and if I do need an upgrade to keep my system working, well then, it should be free.

The image with the audio track – also posted here – is one I made when I had my Toshiba and had ACDSee installed. I really enjoyed using that software and playing around with it.  When the Toshiba died and I switched to Mac, I discovered I could no longer use the ACDSee on my Mac so that activity stopped.  I understand the comment I read that someone was sorry Steve Jobs had died but glad to see him go because he had ring-fenced so much software. (This was an article mostly about Google’s android conflict with Apple.)

People should be able to use stuff they buy.  We shouldn’t have to buy it again just because we switch from PC to Mac, or whatever. I guess this is why OpenSource and Creative Commons is the way to go. But…

…those are all topics for another day when I have more time.  I didn’t even have time to write this – hence no link back to the article about Jobs (may he rest in peace) – but for some reason I stopped to write it.

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