Found Game – Message in a Bottle

 Now try dialing these numbers and let us know what happens! Please share all messages received and/or results in the comment section.

Found this bit of paper on the beach today – with these 2 phone numbers and nothing else.  Without the country code the phone numbers don’t work.  Maybe they’ll work in your country and you can get the message!  Now click on photo to enlarge and read the numbers.


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10 thoughts on “Found Game – Message in a Bottle

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  1. Definitely not USA phone numbers. They have the correct number of digits for calling outside one’s area code, but area codes (the first three digits) run from begin with two through nine.

      1. Serial numbers or order numbers could be interesting. But for what? And what about that CAF or AF? That’s why I called it a found game! 🙂

  2. CAF could be California, though we usually use CA.
    AF could be Air Force.
    Yeah, what a mystery! It could be anything! Maybe it’s the code to a safety deposit box, you just have to find out where!
    Safety Deposit Box! Yeah. Reminds me of the set of keys in the pocket of a jacket that was given to me. Joked with my friends that I had the keys to a house and a car, I just had to find them!

  3. Here’s what I think it is:

    It comes from France. It’s the phone number for Family Allowance Maromme (CAF – CAISSE D’ALLOCATIONS FAMILIALES DE MAROMME – ALLOCATIONS FAMILIALES – 0810257680 – MAROMME)

    The second number is a mobile phone number from France–perhaps the person at the CAF that was dealing with whomever wrote these numbers down.

    It’s my guess based on my research and it seems pretty reasonable. CAF is the French equivalent of Social Security in the U.S. –not sure what it is in Britain.

    What do you think? Sound good? Does to me, but who is contacting the CAF and why and why did the message end up in a bottle. The real story is still missing.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Wow Lee! I’m impressed! You did some research. How did you do that? Wasn’t in a bottle, was just lying on the beach. 🙂 Make up the story Lee. 🙂 Fiction…write it as a guest post 🙂 pleeeease!

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