User Experience Nightmare

The problem with these single-cup, coffee drip bags is the instructions. The labeling isn’t consistent with the instructions.

Instruction 2 reads: “Push in tab to hold open.”

Push in what tab? There is nothing labeled ‘TAB’.
Where the word ‘TAB’ should appear we get “PRESS HERE”.
Very confusing, because nowhere in the instructions does it say ‘PRESS”.

To fix this User Experience Nightmare:

1. Reprint steps 1-3 of the instructions on the cardboard exactly as they are written on the outer plastic wrapping.
2. Number the instructions on the cardboard strip, consistent with instructions on packaging.
3. Replace “PRESS HERE” with “Step 2. PUSH IN TAB”

Sorry for the lousy, out-of-focus images but for now, no manual focus! Auto focus not good for fine print!

One thought on “User Experience Nightmare

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  1. This made me laugh. My mother has so much trouble with these types of things. She always complains when she can’t get something open, “They just like to make it hard on old people.”
    You guys are so cute! (And I know you aren’t the same age as my mother, it just made me think of something she would say!)
    Cute? Ha ha! Are you saying you wouldn’t be confused? I got it at the UX conference I went to. A woman was standing there frustrated because she couldn’t figure it out, and I realized it was a great example of poor user experience design.

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