What’s this Wake Up Your Cai?

I’ve gotta write this fast.  I ran a bath before I wrote the Bar Camp post and it took ages because I kept adding links links links, then that embed code wouldn’t work!

Everybody who goes to Bar Camp has to do a 30-minute talk or something. So I thought about that.  What could I talk about at a techie conference?  They say people have shown films, or pictures, bits of things they’re working on – so I could show this and talk about how I used ACDSee to do it.  Or I could show this and my Garage Band files for some of those tracks so they can see how many tracks I use (sometimes 16 or more) and that sort of thing.

But I thought gee the people at this Bar Camp are probably looking for something a little more progressive. So who’s gonna be interested that? And really, I’m not an expert in image manipulation or audio design/production.

While I was thinking about it, I watched this film on The Next Women.

It was Fred Destin, partner at Atlas Venture who comes in at 1:11 and who says:

“The women I have seen who do best…are women who are absolutely willing to embrace who they are.”

That really made me think.   Who am I?  Do I absolutely embrace who I am, or have I rejected part of myself?

So I asked a friend who is a former colleague from TEFL, and who also knows me as an artist and writer, what she would say is the best part of me.  She said it was my performances, watching me perform.  Me: What about my performances? Her: You’re absolutely unique.  Wow! That was a real boost!

I thought about another writer and performance poet who, after seeing me perform, came to me for help with her performances and at one time during the series of sessions I gave her, she said: “Surely you know how good you are.”

So I thought:  Should I go and do a 30-minute performance? I don’t think so!  That’s entertainment, not a talk. Not a workshop.  That’s not giving the participants something they can work with in their work.  

And I thought about a German composer and singer who came to me after seeing me perform in Barcelona, saying: “I wish I had your freedom.” And the sessions I gave her, to help her find that for herself.

So I asked myself: What makes my performances unique? What makes me a good performer? What makes me free as a performer?

It’s my CaI – Creativity and Imagination

and my training.

So I thought about that – and that CaI is something everybody has and everybody needs and everybody wants and everybody uses, no matter what they do.  Even a cleaner or parking lot attendant can use CaI!  And all the people who work in the fields Barcamp says it encompasses also use CaI – and plenty of it!

“Encompassing topics such as the open and social web, mobile, games design, usability, user experience, interaction, design, programming and robotics, it is a community-run, free event.”

So I put together a little 30-minute Wake Up Your CaI session. Something that will get the participants using their CaI, possibly in ways they’ve never used it before, and for others, possibly in ways they have used it before.  Regardless, the activities will wake it up! …and it might also make them feel a little freer.

So whatever you use, please feel welcome to come and check out my CaI session.  It’s an experiment.  I need brainy guinea pigs.  Will you come?







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