Bar Camp Brighton, Day 1 #bcb6

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Talks I attended:

  1. Wake-Up Your Cai, Creativity and Imagination. My talk was well received and I got positive feedback later in the day from some participants who said it did get their heads in a good space for the day, and got them thinking differently.
  2. Mac Maintenace 101, James Ogilvie – This was great.  James explained where the various pieces of hardware are in a MacBook, some of the differences between older and newer model, and gave tips for macs that I would probably never have learned, such as repairing permissions through the disc utility.  It’s running better now!
  3. Technology of Revolutions, James Hugman – Really interesting. Most surprising was to learn that in Spain people have been using flashmobs to stop evictions. They turn up on the day the bailiff is scheduled, the police come, look at the mob and leave. Approximately 150 evictions have been stopped. It works!
  4. Accounting for Freelancers, NLD Accountancy. Really nice informal chat about taxation. Very informative including a go0d discussion about reasons to set up a limited company.
  5. Concepting Workshop: Bring a concept, build up the idea @ollieglass  I worked on the Cai session idea and developed it working with a partner.  Came out of the session with a clearer idea about how to pitch Cai in a way that is more meaningful for users.
  7.  Sound Synthesis – An introduction to various sound waves, what they look and sound like, Andy Friend  
  8. Peacehaven – The Board Game – a crazy role play game developed using news snippets from Peacehaven news, with characters representative of the town’s population (In the eyes of the creator)

Some useful software for sound synthesis:

    • reason.
    • Max MSP

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