Put Your Ideas in Writing

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Years ago, when I lived in Ottawa and was hanging around the avant grade arts scene, I was a having chat one evening with the Artistic Director of one the galleries.  I was going on about my latest great idea.  In mid sentence she interrupted me and said: “Alison, you should put your ideas in writing.  If you put them in writing people would be very interested.”

I just had a conversation with someone who is really resisting putting her ideas in writing.  She’s got some great ideas and I asked her to put them in writing, but she just doesn’t get it.  She thinks that because I asked her to put it in writing that I don’t value her ideas.  I’ve tried to explain that it is because I value her ideas that I’ve asked for them in writing.  If  her ideas were junk I wouldn’t bother suggesting that she write them down, I’d just find a polite way to end the conversation.

I know that when people are first starting out on a new path, and one that involves realizing deep, creative ideas it’s hard to pull those ideas up and articulate them clearly.  But the process of sitting down and writing is the greatest gift a person can give an idea.  And the highest value.

Ideas of value are put in writing.  If you value your ideas, write them down.  If you’re lucky, someone other than yourself will actually read them!


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  1. This is a very good suggestion. I’ve tried to put many of my ideas in writing, but sometimes they come so fast or at inoppourtune times when I can’t write them down and they end up in the back of my mind somewhere. Blogging helps. I often written down things that pop into my head on my blog or in proposed posts for the future.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Oh Lee, you write your ideas down! Though I’m sure – just as you say – you have so many ideas you couldn’t possibly write them all down. I was really disappointed in a friend’s reaction to my request that she write down her idea for something. So I decided to write down why I wanted her to write it down. At least it’s here now for anyone who can be bothered to read it. 🙂 Glad it’s got at least one reader in you, Lee – and very fine reader at that!

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