Two Poems from Two Neglected Notebooks

Juvenille Green Heron waiting for minnows duri...
Juvenile Green Heron waiting for minnows during feeding for the catfish in backyard pond. Image via Wikipedia

Yeah, I know it’s Flash Fiction Friday and I’m supposed to post a piece of flash fiction, but while looking through my notebooks I found these two poems and they really fit my current mood.

Minnow Sign
Image by D. Bjorn, Catchin' Up via Flickr

This is a blog, and I’m the editor so I’m making an editorial decision to break with the Flash Fiction Friday (after only two weeks! Yikes! and even when my stats spiked last Friday!) Sorry. I promise I’ll be back with fiction next week. Meanwhile here are two poems instead.

My Sweet Life (6-11-06)

It comes up, now and then

takes my breath away

moves me from the inside out

I don’t always want to feel it

But I let it rise up, from

inside – It’s my life

And it tastes sweet.

And this one, undated.  I think possibly from about the same time. Maybe earlier. 2005.  These are from old, neglected notebooks, put aside after my father’s death and during my Barcelona Blues Society years.  Moving so many times, barely time to unpack the notebooks let alone open them.  It’s a miracle I still have them.

Look! Listen! There’s a poem!

There’s poetry caught in her throat

Words choke on tonsils

Minnows swarming in the waters of George Inlet in Ketchikan, Alaska.Image by Kevin H. via Flickr


jump through the doorway

find the path

swim upstream, become a poem.

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    1. @traveliterature – Glad you like them. Interpretation is for the reader? It’s so long since I wrote it, I can’t remember – just one of those things scribbled in a notebook. i.e. not a consciously contrived metaphor. 🙂

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