Resident Cat

This young puss appears to come with my new flat!  He arrived at the window the day I moved in; rubbed himself all around the window frame but didn’t enter. Then the weather got cold and I closed the window. No sooner had I started to open the window again, and he returned. He comes well-groomed and well-fed, and wearing a collar – complete with ID. There’s a little white tag with his home phone number on one side, and his vet’s number on the other. So yesterday I rang home.
“Hi there, are you missing a cat?”
“Oh which one do you have? Stripey collar?”
“Not sure, but this is his phone number.”
“Well, if it’s the stripey collar, that’s Miffy.”
“He’s a grey tabby.”
“He’s actually a Bengal. Is he all right.”
“Oh, he’s fine.,”
“Is he bothering you?”
“Not at all, he’s sleeping on the bed.”
“Where do you live?”

Addresses are exchanged. He lives in the house which backs onto mine.

“He loves to visit. He has friends all over the neighbourhood. We’re always getting calls asking if we miss him. We don’t restrain him.”

Tonight I heard them calling him. I didn’t think he was here, he wasn’t on the bed. Then when I came to bed, there he was curled on the duvet which had slipped onto the floor. When I came into my bedroom, he started to meow. He seems to like it here. Either that, or he knows how much I enjoy his visits.

And the best part? I don’t pay the vet bill, or do the food shopping, or change the litter box!

Miffy statue at her own square, Nijntje Pleint...
Image via Wikipedia

He may be Miffy to his owners, but he’s Zemanta to me! Besides, Miffy’s a rabbit!

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  1. On the one hand, I think his “owners” are irresponsible . . . but, on the other hand, having a Bengal boy cat showing up to visit without having to provide his sustenance does seem like a pretty nice little trade . . . so I think you (and Zemanta) win on this one!

  2. Yeah Eric, it’s a pretty cool trade. Gives me the company of a cat without the responsibility. I have a friend here in Brighton whose cat visits everyone on her street and steals things! She has to go knocking on doors to see who the belong to. They’re mystical, funny creatures.

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