Scenes from the Seafront: Sea Foam and more…

Sea Foam

By Day
Grandma’s lace doilies scattered throughout a breathing Daliesque scene.

By Night:
Amorphous clusters
Bubble bath overflowing onto a pebble beach
from a sea roaring
as a crowd when the home team scores

Afternoon Sky

Sky split by a line of grey cloud
clear blue on one side
aqua on the other
and there, over there in the west,
a hint of pink-tinged grey.

Do the fish bleed?

25 fisherman
shelters and rods
line the shore
headlamps dotting the pitch black night
as bait is attached to hooks
which wait their turn
to lure a catch.
“It’s a competition,” he tells me.
“£10 in, the fisher who scores
the most

It’s a catch and release game
the fish being too small to fry
each fisher shows the baby to the fisher next door
who confirms
yes indeed, a fish was caught on that one’s line,
reeled in and displayed,
then tossed back to sea
(complete with what must be
a very sore throat.)

Methinks it’s a cruel sport.
Some disagree.

01_kartini by Vladimir Kush

Dali-esque Surrealist Art by Vladimir Kush: Russia

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