Musing on the Sea and Sky, Day and Night

Two views of the sea today
one by daylight
the other by night

by day:
the sea browned by sand and pebbles churned in the roar
and out there, way out there, just visible – an emerald blue ocean.
the sky grey, grey, grey – ash grey,
the charred remains of sky burned by sun
or is it merely overcast, yet again.

by night:
still roaring
black as ink
white water tufts
illuminated by a moon trying to shine its light through the blackened remains of yet another overcast day.

i will learn to love the grey sky and discern as many colours therein as so clearly seen in clouds dancing with sunlight.

2 thoughts on “Musing on the Sea and Sky, Day and Night

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  1. Fluid thoughts, fluid lines on the sea that can seem ruinous in its magnificence and on day and night that uplift us from dawn to noon but swath us with melancholia from sunset to midnight–I love how you keep the images luminous. It’s comforting, serene.

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