Life is amazing

Why AlisonAmazed?

I am constantly amazed by life and the world around me, in both positive and negative ways.

One moment I am amazed by the tone and intensity of a gull’s call, and in the next by a disturbing piece of news.

I am often amazed by the kindness and generosity of total strangers, and just as often by the mean greed that places profit above humane business practices.

I am amazed by the compassion of a group of people working together to push beached whales back into the sea, and equally amazed by the cruelty of those who kill wild animals for sport or prized body parts.

I am amazed by our ability to extract oil from the earth, and equally so, by our lack of respect for the earth (and seas) we extract it from.

Although I don’t often write about such things, that amazement affects how I live my life and the things I choose to write about and that’s why I call the blog alisonamazed.


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Creative Commons License Unless otherwise stated, the posts on this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you choose to use something from this blog please credit it to Alison Amazed, link to this site, and leave me a comment in the comment field of the post you are using, stating that you are using it, and a link to your site, and I’ll come and visit! Thanks. If you want to use a poem, please credit it to Alison Boston and include these links: http://www.alisonboston.wordpress.com http://www.alisonamazed.wordpress.com Also, please leave a comment in the comment field of the post where the poem appears stating that you are using it, with a link to your site. Your comment, and its details, will remain private. There are some audio tracks available for download https://alisonamazed.wordpress.com/listen/, unless otherwise indicated, these are protected by copyright.


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  1. Hi, Alison! Thanks for your comment about my post, “I Did It For Me, I Did It For Her,” on our IndieAlbany blog. I’ve been enjoying your poetry and your recipes. I loved “Empty Fridge”! I’ve been cooking since childhood and I love stories about seat-of-your-pants cooking.

    I’m so curious. How did you find Indie Albany?


    1. Hi Roz, Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting! I found IndieAlbany tag surfing and really liked the first post I read, so I kept reading!
      Glad you like the recipes and poetry. I loved your Swimming with the Stingrays story.

  2. Hello Alison, glad to meet you! I love the spontaneity and whimsy of your blog. I also like the colorful pictures that frame this page. (I ain’t the most technologically-savvy chic, so I don’t know the technical term for referencing them, but you get my drift, I’m sure!) You hooked me, so I look forward to joining you for the ride/”fantastic journey” (Earth, Wind & Fire…love me some music!) in writing, expressing, living, and coloring!

    Be Well!
    P.S. Thanks again for the link, albeit through Zemanta! 🙂

  3. Well Zemanta knows what it’s doing sometimes! I usually check the links before I click them – I confess, with yours I just read the intro and it seemed okay so I clicked it and I’m glad I did! You write very, very well. A pleasure to read you and meet you virtually. Thanks for compliments on the page – the image was done with iSight camera in my MacBook PhotoBooth- New Year’s Eve, when I got home from a fashion disaster party! I used a PopArt effect: it makes 4 images, each a diff colour. The theme in WordPress Pilcrow which lets you upload a background image, which I then used the theme’s ’tile’ effect. Quite simple – a little trial error.
    I also like your page layout – though couldn’t find an ‘About’ page!

  4. I had an ‘About’ page and didn’t realize it was missing after I looked at yours, and went back to mine. This is due possibly to the effects of switching to a new theme. I’ll get to reinstalling it sometime next week…I hope! Be Well! Thanks again! Toast to a continued virtual writing party!! (Tink tink goes the glasses!)

  5. Thanks for the pingback. I’ve added you to our blog’s blogroll as I and my regular contributors share some interests in common with you. Therefore, I imagine our readers will too. Please add me to yours if you enjoy my blog as well. Variegated Vision @http:// mollyjayne40.wordpress.com

  6. Dear Alison,

    As your blog’s name,I am also amazed about your great blog.I keep reading it,and Iam delighted.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Emanuel Seretan – Romania

  7. Dear Alison,
    I am contacting you because I am interested in contributing a guest post.
    I have been looking at Alison Amazed, and I really like the website. I think it’s perfect for the kind of content that we produce. I was thinking that an article on the difficulty of learning English for romance language speakers, and the amazing results short-term full exposure to a language usually produces, even for students who have previously not suceeded in their learning process would be perfect for your site, though you would be in control of the content, so if you feel like suggesting something else, you are welcome.
    I represent a leading ESL school, especialising in learning English and French as a Second Language, and I have experience providing top-quality articles for websites and blogs.
    I work with an in-house team of copywriters who can create unique, quality content especially for your site, so you can be sure it would be interesting for your visitors. It would be non-commercial and completely free. I would just like to include one or two links to the website I am trying to promote.
    Of course, you would keep editorial control at all times – you could either specify a topic or let me choose one, and then I would send the article for your review and approval. I want my piece to be seen by as many people as possible, so I will promote the article you approve around the web.
    If you are interested, please email me back and we can discuss some ideas for articles. I can also provide you with some sample articles.
    I very much look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,


    1. Hey Toby,
      Great to meet you also! Thanks for dropping by and linking me up to your blog. Should prove interesting reading having been an expat myself for many years, and in many ways, still an.
      We do experience culture shock.
      Hope to see you at the next coffee morning! Perhaps we’ll bump into each other sooner.

  8. HI Alison. Thank you for the “pingback” on my post. “Eat LIke Popeye”. Have a super day. 🙂

  9. Hi Alison,
    Thanks for visiting our blog. Your site is really cool and after reading your recent post on Ethical Eating: From Crisis to Peace, you sound like a really wonderful person who researches things and thinks for herself before passing judgement. We’re honored to “meet” you. 🙂 If you ever visit California, hope you’ll drop by our restaurant 🙂

    1. What a lovely comment! I’m honored to receive it. Thank you. 🙂 I’ll be sure to look for your restaurant if I ever get to California 🙂 A place I would love to visit.

  10. Hi Alison,

    Thanks for stopping by my site and I am glad you liked the article. I am a big fan of food (real food) and will totally be checking your recipe pages really soon.


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