Izzy’s Amazing Sourdough Brownies

…Did I mention these brownies are to die for?

This is Izzy’s picture of her brownies. I cut mine up and put them in a container in the fridge, then thought – oh I should have taken a picture.

I made these decadently delicious brownies yesterday with a very active 100% hydration, mostly rye, starter. Substituted the caster sugar with icing sugar. Didn’t have enough brown sugar so used more of the icing sugar, and as I prefer bitter to sweet, reduced the combined sugar quantity. So it was about 60 grams brown sugar and 140 grams icing (powdered) sugar.

This is my picture of my brownies made with my sourdough starter and Izzy’s recipe! Whoops forgot the cracked salt on top!

Otherwise I was pretty good with measuring the quantities – though I might have used about 10 extra grams of starter.

I also added 1/2 cup of broken walnuts, and 1/2 cup of salted caramel chips. So far I have eaten 3 brownies and have experienced no flavour or texture impact of the salted caramel chips so either at least a whole cup of chips, maybe a cup and half, or one might as well not bother! The walnuts too!

Otherwise – the combination, quantities, and method of Izzy’s recipe have produced the most amazing brownies I’ve ever made! Mind you, I don’t often make brownies because I am invariably disappointed.

I have no idea how long I cooked this recipe. Izzy suggests North Americans like a different, cakier brownie texture than Brits, and therefore tend to cook them longer than she recommends. I don’t know what North Americans are cooking her brownies, but I definitely prefer fudge brownies over cakey ones and cooked them at 375F until their amazing aroma filled my kitchen – and living room. I was actually outside on the balcony and smelled they were done when I realized I’d forgotten to set the timer! Dashed to the kitchen, opened the oven and stuck a toothpick in the brownies. It came out with a few bits on it but not too much, just like Izzy says, so I took them out and let them cool a good hour before cutting them (what discipline!)

They are probably the most amazing brownies I’ve ever made. In fact, I’d have to say they are the absolute best brownies I’ve ever made. The topping is a kind of glazed top – and inside, wow. Not at all cakey. Nor sweet fudge. Smooth, rich brownie flavor – with a texture as smooth as chocolate truffles. They even raised up a bit in the middle of the pan. Excellent recipe. Hats off to Izzy. She wins the prize!

Want the recipe? Go here: Izy’s Amazing Sourdough Brownies

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