X Rated Living with eXtreme Sports

Spy007au bungee jumping off the Zambezi Bridge...
Spy007au bungee jumping off the Zambezi Bridge, Victoria Falls, Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we are at the letter ‘X’ and I can honestly say I’ve never – in the 100+ places I’ve lived –  lived anywhere that starts with the letter ‘X’.  I haven’t even lived an X-rated lifestyle – that I’m going to tell you about – so I can’t titillate you with a story about that, although I did grab the idea for the title…

Extreme sports are something I’ve never really gotten into, either, though the thoughts of blending the two – X rated living and eXtreme sports does conjure up some pretty crazy ideas.  Like having sex while parachuting, or bungee jumping.  Now there’s a bizarre possibility, after all, here on Vancouver Island there is nude bungee jumping (I think), so it could happen!

The participants would have to be bungeed together, and two bungee cords would be necessary for the jump to ensure that the cord didn’t break.  As if bungee jumping (or sex) isn’t exhilarating enough on its own.  I guess that would be sex for someone seeking the ultimate thrill.  I’ll leave you with your imagination to figure out how it might work!

When I lived in Barcelona there were two metro stops that used the letter “X”: Alfons X and Pius XII, but I never lived at either stop, so I haven’t anything to say about that.

I think I’m going X the letter “X” and move on to the letter “Y”.

Wiki Answers has come up with 3 places that start with “X”: Xenia, Ohio, and  Xi An and Xiamen in China.   How about you?  Have you ever lived anywhere that starts with the letter “X”?  Or do you know of any place that starts with the letter “X”?

Now here’s something eXtreme:

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      1. Just having a quick catch up here and thought I would suggest Xanadu – only to see that pesky R had beaten me to it. Oh well. Another vote for Xanadu cos you could make it into whatever you wanted.

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