Jumping for Joy! Jane’s House in Cambridge

Jumping on trampoline at a garden party Jane took me too! Something I'd always wanted to try. It was fun!

Since coming to Europe, I’ve lived at Jane’s house in Cambridge a few times, and visited many times.  We’ve known each other since we were 6, and corresponded across the Atlantic for many years.  When I came to live in Europe we reconnected, and her home has been home-away-from-home, so to speak.

Her mother and my mother were best friends, and that’s how we first met.  We are very different people, with very different lives, yet we have a family like bond.  She has been my savior more than once: my strength, my support, my sounding board, my surrogate sister, my best friend – she has even been the one with the stick, poking and prodding me in directions I’ve been reluctant to go.

On one visit, when I arrived to discover my Toshiba laptop had not survived the journey, she convinced me to buy my first MacBook and I created my first music track as a tribute to her.

Jane has also introduced me to her friends, taken me to dinner parties and BBQ’s at their homes.  One garden party I really enjoyed had me jumping on the kids’ trampoline!

That Cambridge is conveniently located near Stanstead airport has made it a great stop over when doing long-haul flights from Hungary to Canada, or back again.  She has always made me welcome, and is definitely the hostess with the mostest, serving up delicious meals, and long, aromatic soaks in her extra-sized bathtub!

I’ve also stayed there for extended periods, as a type of house sitter, when she’s been abroad on holiday.  At these times I’ve been able to get into Cambridge and get to know people there.  I also worked in Cambridge one summer, as a teacher with Accent Language school, and lived in residence at Anglia Ruskin University.  So I’ve spent enough time in Cambridge to feel I’ve lived there.

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed in Cambridge are the open-mic poetry events and music jams where I’ve always been welcomed and made to feel like one of the gang.

I’ve also enjoyed revitalizing Jane’s old 3-speed bike and cycling into Cambridge and around the riverside cycle paths, punting on the river, and just hanging out in Jane’s garden.

I enjoyed Cambridge so much, and felt so connected to the community, I almost moved there instead of Brighton.  But the sea called me…and I’ve written some good poetry inspired by that sea front.  I’ve met so many wonderful people in Cambridge,  I’m only sorry there isn’t time to visit before my return to Canada.

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  1. I spent a few days in Cambridge (staying in hall) for a conference from work, and I thought it was wonderful. Totally different to Oxford, much more tranquil, and some good museums too.

    1. Yes, the museums are good! When there teaching English I prepared language -learning based scavenger hunts for the museums – it transformed the sts behavior when visiting.

  2. Passed through Cambridge in a childhood so far away and long ago, it’s a vague memory and a few b&w pix somewhere in Mom’s trunk. Love the one of you and the kids on the trampoline.

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