I am a Citizen of Planet Earth

UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer S...
UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer Space. http://www.flickr.com/photos/36327859@N00/128280716

Before I went to bed, I started a post about living in Europe, then woke up in the morning and started writing this in my head, so grabbed the laptop and…

I am a citizen of Planet Earth.  I haven’t yet visited any other planets, and if The Doctor arrived in his blue telephone box and invited me to travel with him I would probably say yes.   Although I crave a stable home – something that has eluded me thus far in this lifetime – I also thrive on adventure, and thirst to explore, so give me a house fronted by the sea and backed by the forest, and a time-traveling machine that also does the Universe, and I’ll proudly wear a badge for Planet Earth.  What a magnificent and hospitable planet we have!  Though it’s not without its grumblings.

What does it mean to be a Citizen of Planet Earth? Rather than say a citizen of some other planet that may not provide us with such a perfect atmosphere for our needs?  We must take care of it!  There isn’t another one like it, at least not that we know of, and yet I’m reminded of a poem I wrote while living in Barcelona, and listening to jazz musician John Chin dance his fingers across the ivories.  Slip Through to the Next dimension speaks of a second Mother Earth, light years away, and one we can get to by simply focusing our minds.  Click here to read Slip Through to the Next Dimension.

next dimension
next dimension (Photo credit: Eddi van W.)

I improvised the poem at The March Hare Crossover gig last weekend At The Coach House with Clive Crask on percussion and Z*qhygoem on guitar.  This is experimental free improvisation, recorded through a free-standing single microphone.  Click to listen.

there is a Doctor Who episode when Billie Piper was his companion, that takes them to a second earth in a parallel universe.

Since writing this post Mother has reminded me that we lived in Elderbank, Nova Scotia when I was 16.  I liked living there.  A girl down the road taught me how to play cribbage, and we used to play for hours!  I also really enjoyed burning off the fields in the autumn so the grass would grow green in the spring.  At school, I was nominated for queen!  But my favorite things were playing a witch in the Halloween parade, and English Lit and Modern Media, and Physics classes.  I also liked Barry Flemming who took me to the grad dance. Blush.

A View of Earth from Saturn
A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

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  1. Would love to time and interplanetary travel. From the early days of Asimov and his Foundation Trilogy, I’ve traveled in my mind and dreams. I love planet earth, but I’d hop on board the next starship at the drop of a hat, if such were taking on passengers.

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