BioDiversiTree Community Poem OOTO 2011

Here at last is the community poem written by visitors to BioDiversiTree OOTO 2011!

The idea was that the poem would be started with one line then anyone who wanted to add a line could do so, the only rule being that it had to logically follow (at least in a poetic sense!).

I was going to start the poem, but Gareth – who had been cooking breakfast for the crew every morning – had come back to the tree with me (after cooking me a delicious breakfast of scrambled egg, tomato and rice!)

As soon as we sat down to enjoy the sunshine, he was offering up poetry, so I decided to go with his opening lines. It was, after all, a community poem so there was no need for me to write the first lines!

The first four lines are Gareth’s, the next four mine, and so on.  Each author was asked to sign in the column to the right of their lines.

BioDiversiTree Community Poem Page 1
BioDiversiTree Community Poem Page 2
I found the sketch book that was used for the poem in the drawer of a dresser I had bought. There was a life drawing on almost every page! One visitor to the tree added to a sketch in the book, turning the human figure into a tree!

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